Play In a Day: November 20-21, 2015

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Unscrewed Theater, 3244 E. Speedway.
Play-In-A-Day is:
12 Playwrights paired into 6 sleep-deprived teams, tasked with writing 6 short 3-character plays overnight…
6 Directors tasked with rehearsing the plays through the day with Actors cast just that morning for public performance that very evening!
One superb Improv Group—Not Burned Out Just Unscrewed—as hosts…
Equals 24 hours of Dramatic Fun and Laughs!!
Do YOU have what it takes to Write, Direct, or Act a play all in one day?

Contact Festival Chair Dave Sewell at today!

Here’s more about PIAD:
On Friday night (11/20), we will gather at Unscrewed Theater for NBOJU’s regular show, which starts at 7:30 PM. During that performance, or just after, we will perform three solemn PIAD rituals: the selection of the 3 props and the one line of dialog (chosen by the audience) which must be used in each show, and the random pairing of the 12 playwrights into 6 teams. At the conclusion of the evening (about 9:00 PM), the playwrights will be sent home to write their play throughout the evening/wee hours. On Saturday (11/21), the playwrights will turn in their scripts by 6 AM, the scripts will be printed and copied for the directors who will arrive at 8 AM, actors will arrive at 9 AM to be cast, and the directors will rehearse the plays throughout the day at Unscrewed Theater. On Saturday afternoon, the shows will be “teched” (minimal), and on Saturday night at 7:30, the shows will go on (script in-hand)! A distinguished panel of judges will deliberate on the winners of the coveted Jack Frakes Prize while NBOJU performs a short set. At the conclusion of the evening the prize will be awarded and everyone will pass around hugs and pats on the back for a great weekend of mirth and sleeplessness! Sound like fun? Contact DAVE at

New Play Festival

April 4-9, 2016, Cabaret Theatre, Tucson


December 7: No Admittance, by Reid Gilbert
November 30: ANNUAL ELECTION. Black Linen, by John Vornholt
November 23: Bubbe’s Legacy – a new play by Sheldon Metz
November 16: The Election of Adanya Kulu – first reading of a full-length play by Brian Desautel’s
November 9:  Coming of Age in a Border Town – first reading of new musical by Denise Bjornson.
November 2: review New Play Festival

October 26:  regular meeting cancelled for Festival rehearsals
October 19:  regular meeting cancelled for Festival rehearsals
October 12: regular meeting cancelled for Festival rehearsals
October 5: regular meeting cancelled for Festival rehearsals

September 28: Auditions for October New Play Festival (tentative)
September 21: open
September 14:  John Vornholt’s new full-length play, Powerless
September 7: Holiday, meeting cancelled

August 31: Reid Gilbert will lead a workshop on text and movement. Please bring a ten-line monologue or poem to use in the workshop.
August 24: Reading of William Nicholson’s The Retreat From Moscow, discussion led by Gavin Kayner
August 17: No meeting
August 10: Gavin Kayner, Grace Notes
August 3: Summer Break

July 27: Reid Gilbert, No Admittance, second read
July 20: Summer break; no meeting.
July 13 Brian Armstrong
July 6: Summer break; no meeting.

June 29: A third reading of Prisoner of Revolution by Sheldon Metz.
June 22: A short play by Eddie Young, under an hour.
June 15: Third reading of The Tarnished Toad, by Dave Sewell. One hour.
June 8: First reading of a seventy-five minute play, The Guy With The Boat, by Kelly Hardesty.
June 1: Charles will bring excerpts from David’s Choice.

May 25: First reading of a full-length play, Double Entendre, by Hilary Lyons.
May 18: Second reading of Klara Wojtkowska’s full-length play, A Theory of Hearing.
May 11: A second reading of Tick-Tock (formerly One-By-One-By-One), a play by Pam Burris, 1 act
May 4: First reading of A Good Cradle Doesn’t Wobble, by Carl Damhesel. A little over an hour.

April 27: A second reading of Miserable Sinners, by Brian Desautels, full length.
April 20: A second reading of Side Effects, by Sydney Flynn.
April 13: A first reading of All The Thrills Upon It, a short play by Vince Flynn.
April 6: A second reading of Prisoner of Revolution by Sheldon Metz.
March 30: A first reading of Heartland, by Leslie Powell.

March 23: A reading of Janice Ambrose’s The Earth Mother’s Tale, which has been further revised.
March 16: An excerpt from a full-length political farce by Jack Kaim.
March 9: A first reading of Brian Desautels’ full-length play, One Person’s Heaven Is, which was formerly titled The Nimbies.
March 2: A second reading of Bang Bang Dead by Gavin Kayner.

February 23: An expanded version of Bob Dickerson’s Legal Beagle,by Reid Gilbert.
February 23: Jim Douthit
February 9: Gene Rudolf, 4 shorts scenes from a screenplay
February 1: Klara Wojtkowska

January 26: Sheldon Metz, Prisoner of Revolution
January 19: discussion about future events
January 12, 2015: Pam Burris, Stuck on 3rd
January 5: auditions for New Play Festival

(Above: ‘But Boss, You Said I Had to Wear a Bra’ by Pam Burris; Actors: China Young, Gary, Vince Flynn; Director: Vince Flynn; 2014 OPP Festival.)



(Above, Leslie Powell’s Soldier Boy, 2014 OPP New Play Festival. Actors: J.R. Dodge, Diane Ouradnik. Director: Dave Sewell. )

(Above: While in Transition by Brian Desautels, 2015 OPP Festival. Mara Concordia, Karen Cuthbert, Morgan Fitch, Monica Wolfkill; Directed by Gavin Kayner.)


(Above, Deliver by Brian Armstrong, 2015 OPP Festival. Andrew Hatch and Mike Sultzbach; Directed by Hilary Bluestein-Lyons.)